Black Garlic Pedroñete

Raw garlic has antiseptic, fungicide, bactericide and purifying properties due to its content in a compound called allicin, which acts against numerous viruses and bacteria, as well as its anti-oxidising properties.

Black garlic Pedroñete
is a super-food
five times
more healthful than fresh garlic.

Black Garlic Pedroñete - Taste & Health

Ancient “natural medicine”

Garlic was used as a natural medicine much earlier than being used as a condiment. In the Codex Ebers, an Egyptian papyrus that dates from 1550 B.C., there are 22 mentions of its curative power in cardiopathy, intestinal parasites, tumours, etc. Hippocrates, a great ancient physician, recommended using garlic for its medicinal qualities. In many ancient civilizations, garlic was consumed to give energy and provide protection against all sorts of ailments.

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Black Garlic Pedroñete can help or contribute to the following health benefits

1. It has antioxidant power helps fight fatigue and aging.
2. It helps to adjust the pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and cholesterol levels.

3. Strengthens the bones.

4. Wound healing.

5. Protect your defenses by improving body immunity.

6. Help in breathing problems.

7. due to its diuretic power, it helps the liquid lamination

Garlic is used principally as a condiment, since it benefits from one of the most intense flavours we can find in gastronomy. It combines well with meat, rice dishes, soups, pickles, salad dressings, fish or vegetables. Garlic is made up principally of water and carbohydrates.

Innovative Packaging

Black Garlic Pedroñete is reaching stores with new Packaging Proposals.

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Black Garlic Pedroñete.- Display Boxes - 12 Pieces
Display Box
12 Pieces
Black Garlic Pedroñete.-Ensemble Box -12 display boxes of 12 pieces and 2 display boxes of 50 units
Ensemble Box
12 display boxes of 12 pieces
2 display boxes of 50 units
Black Garlic Pedroñete.- Display Boxes - 50 Pieces
Display Box
50 Pieces